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Some 50.000 persons joined the popular Oslo-event “Elvelangs”, walking along the riverside, watching art, performance, dance and other events – like the electric Scream from Nature.

In collaboration with the environmental NGO Bellona, a Scream from Nature was made out of light bulbs. We also had a collection station for old mobile phones and e-waste, and spread information about the importance of recycling the e-waste.

All the pro-teams of the Vuelta, ASO, Norwegian artist Lise Wulff and the Grand Tours Project took part in the global eco art campaign The Scream from Nature on the last days of La Vuelta a España.

Spanish TVE news covered the event. See the news here >>> (go to 41:42 min)

Grand Tours Project

Australian Keith Tuffley (48) is the first amateur to cycle all three Grand Tours in one season, solo. He rides every stage and every kilometre of the Giro, the Tour and now the Vuelta, only hours before the professionals. He is doing this for his love of cycling, but also for his passion for the environment. The attention gained from this world-first-attempt has been used to raise awareness for environmental sustainability, with various initiatives along the way; «63 days on a bike and 63 environmental inspirations.»


The Scream for Nature

As Keith Tuffley’s 63-day adventure was coming to an end, and as part of the 63 inspirations, a huge Scream-formation was created out of cycling jerseys on the three last days of the Vuelta. The last stage in Madrid, the Scream from Nature was placed close to the finishing line, on Plaza de Cibeles. All teams gave two jerseys signed by all the riders and ASO gave the red, polka dot, green and white jerseys.

The reason why the scream is a symbol, is because the famous artist Edvard Munch heard «a Scream in the Nature» which was his inspiration to paint this iconic painting. Now, over 100 years later (its Munch´s 150th anniversary this year), we hear another scream from the nature – increasing intensity of droughts and floods, unprecedented loss of biodiversity, and mass-extinction of animal and plant species. But we tend to ignore it. With this project the cycling-world are making an effort and want to inspire others to make their own Scream at

Founded by Norwegian artist Lise Wulff, and developed in collaboration with amongst others the environment NGO Bellona, Pure CSR and Serbian artist Branislav Nikolic, The Scream from Nature is included in the official celebration of Edvard Munch’s 150 years anniversary; Munch 150, and the United Nations Environment Programme is a collaborating partner.


The cyclists participated

Cycling is the most environmental-friendly mode of transportation, and the bicycle is a perfect symbol for the environmental movement. The worldwide cycling community can play an important leadership role to inspire people to take care of our only planet. On the start of stage 19, the riders took part in making the Scream from Nature. As one of them stated: “Normally we compete, but we are in this together for the environment”.


PS: Keith heard the “scream from nature” for 63 days, through the snow-capped Dolomites, along the rocky coastline of Corsica, and through the deserted, rugged landscapes of Western Spain. Here is a short video of his journey:

Norway’s Minister of Environment, Bård Vegar Solhjell, took part in making an e-waste-scream duringArendalsuka in the beginning of August. So did many others, and the Scream was filled up with old mobile phones, TVs, PCs, cables, remote controls, chargers, voice recorders, video recorders, DVD-players, electronic toys, etc, etc. Agder Renovasjon collected the scream and delivered it for recycling.

Further, the Scream made for the music festival Hovefestivalen, was reused and more than 100 new signatures were collected for the environment.

At night time, the e-waste-scream was lit up and screens were showing information and films about e-waste issues. People stopped by, to watch and to sign for the environment.

The two screams from above, outside the offices of GRID Arendal, our collaboration partner for the event. See the making of the screams here >>

The 27th of July, during the opening of the world’s largest youth football tournament Norway Cup, some 4.000 youths from all over the World gathered in the shape of the Scream – as large as a football field. 


Norway Cup is an international youth football tournament, established in 1972. It gathers more than 40.000 participants from more than 50 countries a year. Placed at Ekebergsletta, Oslo, Norway, the area is in the axis of Munch’s Scream – Ekeberg and the Oslofjord.

Measuring 70 x 50 meters, and with the sound of approximately 4.000 people actually screaming, the Scream from Nature carried through at Norway Cup was both large and loud!

General Secretary of Norway Cup, Frode Kyvåg, states: “Norway Cup has always been based on a value platform where the fight against racism and drugs has been important. The last years, the environmental issues have become an increasingly important part of our value platform. Therefore, we were happy to include the Scream from Nature project in this year’s football tournament.”



Munch 150 is a celebration of Edvard Munchs’s work and significance. In 2013, a number of cultural events will take place during the year. Munch150 is a collaboration between The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, and the Munch Museum. The Scream from Nature is included in the official program of Munch150.

Project leader of Munch150, Elsebet Kjerschow, states: “Edvard Munchs image The Scream is an iconic symbol of human anxiety on an individual level. The Scream from Nature project expresses anxiety about environmental challenges for the human race. Let the opening event of Norway Cup and all the various Scream interpretations be visual reminders for politicians, decision makers on environmental matters and for every one of us!”

We are happy to announce that the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment has decided to support The Scream from Nature. The Norwegian Ministry of the Environment has a particular responsibility

for carrying out the environmental policies. The top priorities are the protection of natural diversity, conservation of cultural heritage and cultural environments, climate change mitigation, maps and geodata, and improved urban planning. The support makes it possible to carry through some important events in order to create attention and positive environmental action.




On World Environment Day 2013, The Scream from Nature is launching the Global Climate Scream Movement in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Contributions will be shown on our web gallery, as well as in Norway’s National Gallery, at the same time as the Munch150 exhibition. This will be a screen show – new entires will be added regularily until the end of the exhibition the 13th of October 2013. Every month, three Screams will be featured in social media – will it be yours?

“Looking forward to seing you as part of The Global Climate Scream Movement!”

The Scream from Nature is an environment art project – a contemporary interpretation of Munch’s masterpiece The Scream, in which the iconic anxiety-ridden face is recreated in a variety of materials all over the world. Munch himself felt a scream through nature and painted The Scream. Now, more than 100 years later, we hear another “scream” from nature: extreme weather, melting glaciers, droughts, floods, and massive extinctions of animal and plant species are just some of the huge challenges the world faces today.


How can you contribute?

1)Make your own Scream and share on Instagram #thescreamfromnature and

thescreamfromnature (by submitting your photo, you allow the project to use it freely)

2)   Follow the project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (adresses below)

3)   Commit to living more sustainably, and to recycle – every little action counts!

The Scream from Nature is happy to take part in UN Evnironment Programme’s activities on World Environment Day, the 5th of June. We challenge you to take part as well, read on and see how!

Our collaborating partner United Nations Environment Programme is preparing for World Environment Day the 5th of June. As stated by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: “Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can make a tremendous difference.”

Through decades of WED celebrations, hundreds of thousands of people from countries all over the world have been mobilized for environmental action. You can join in! If you want to make a Scream from Nature, or you want to participate with other actions, you are welcome to register your activity here.


The 9th of April, Norway hosted a high level meeting on energy and the post 2015 development agenda. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited The Scream from Nature as part of the program.

The conference participants were invited to take part in making a Scream from Nature with plastic bags filled with water – a symbolic choice of material, water being an important renewable energy resource, and plastic being a major challenge for our oceans.

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chairsperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – Nobel Peace Prize winner 2007 together with Al Gore – was one of the persons who contributed in making the Scream. Also HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway took part, as well as Mr. Heikki Holmås minister of International Development.

Water being an important sustainable energy resource, the participants will make a Scream from Nature with water. The water will be filled in plastic bags – visually fascinating, but also a relevant reminder not to litter our rivers, lakes and oceans with plastics.

The Scream from Nature is invited by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate at Tuesday 9th of April high level meeting on Energy, in Oslo. The role of energy in the post-2015 Development Agenda will be discussed by a broad range of stakeholders including ministers, representatives of international organizations, the public and private sectors, financial institutions, civil society and academia. More info at

The Gathering (TG) is one of the largest computer parties in the world. This year’s session opened with a huge Scream!


The Gathering is held annually in Vikingskipet Olympic Arena in Hamar, Norway, and lasts for five consecutive days (starting on the Wednesday in Easter each year). Arranged every year since 1992, TG now attracts more than 5200 (mostly young) people. TG is festival catering to artists, gamers, techies and just plain nerds of all sorts that share a common goal of convening together to show off and see what other people with the same or related interests do.

The Scream from Nature collaborates with TG to put focus on the environment. Making the world’s largest reproduction of Edvard Munch’s famous Scream, gives attention to the Scream from Nature project and the message of what each of us can do to contribute for the nature, like recycling and sustainable consumption. Norwegian news channel NRK Dagsnytt had this report from the event >>

The Scream of 70 m2 is made by a rasterbation technique, and is also a tribute to the Munch celebration this year.




The founder of The Scream from Nature-project features as Today’s Expert at United Nations Environment Programme’s web pages. Topic is using the arts to visualize and conveying a message.

The UNEP Division of Communication and Public Information invited Lise Wulff to participate in this session, to recognize her work with the Scream from Nature project, amongst other, related to the UNEP Governing Council in February 2013. To see the questions and answers, please consult the UNEP web pages Ask an Expert.

Vendla Kindergarden in Asker, Norway are joining The Scream from Nature project. They started out this week, making a fascinating Scream out of ice cubes. 

You can see the children and the scream in the forest here:


Norwegian artist Lise Wulff invited the UNEP delegates to participate in making a Scream from Nature with paper lanterns. A feel good event to celebrate nature.

During the UN Evironment Programme’s Governing Council 2013, artist Lise Wulff did several installations of her ecological art project The Scream from Nature. One of the installations was made with the collaboration of the UNEP delegates, placing a paper lantern in the shape of the Scream. Following the link below, you can see the making of the paper lantern scream, with the UNEP HQ in the back ground. You can also hear the comments of Mr. Nick Nuttall, UNEP spokesperson and Head of Communication.

The Scream from Nature at UNEP\’s Governing Council 2013

The Scream from Nature project is a contemporary interpretation of Edvard Munch’s masterpiece The Scream, in which the iconic anxiety ridden face is recreated outdoors. Action is an important aim of the Scream from Nature project. Every one who feels the scream from nature are invited to act on this feeling, both by making their own screams from nature and share it in social media, and through effective initiatives such as recycling and sustainable consumption.


The 18th-22nd of February 2013, the United Nations Environment Programme’s Governing Council took place. The Scream from Nature was invited to participate.

Being UNEP’s first universal Governing Council, 130 countires were represented and 60 environment ministers were present in Nairobi, Kenya. The artist behind the Scream from Nature project, Lise Wulff, made a Scream with seedlings, representing new life and hope. It was placed nearby the main entrance of UNEP head quarter, visible for all UNEP delegates and visitors. “I would like to thank all helping hands making this event possible”, says Wulff, “including the staff at the UNEP communication department, the Norwegain Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Norwegian representatives, as well as the project team and all helping hands on site”.

In the video you can see the making of the Scream with seedlings, as well as other happenings during the stay in Nairobi.

The Scream from Nature in Nairobi

We are proud to announce that United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has decided to work with the Scream from Nature-project. The Scream from Nature supports the work of UNEP.

Mr. Nick Nuttall, UNEP Spokesperson and Acting Director, Division of Communication and Public Information, writes: The Scream from nature initiative, harnessing the iconic image of Munch’s painting, is an excellent way of raising national and global awareness of the challenges facing humanity. It can also serve to bring forward the inordinate opportunities for a transition to a low carbon, resource efficient inclusive Green Economy – we are delighted that this inspiring campaign will assist in focusing attention on UNEP’s work towards a sustainable world where a scream is transformed into a call for action and a sigh of relief that we have found a fresh, clear and better way forward for seven billion people”.


The world’s first “Scream from Nature” launced in Oslo, Norway.

The eco art project “The Scream from Nature” was launched today at Rådhusplassen in Oslo, with 300 torhces that lit up in the dark. The audience participated in this first, of many, “Screams from Nature”. Here you can se the event and hear the comments of Oslo’s Mayor Fabian Stang, The CEO of the environmental NGO Bellona, Nils Bøhmer, the General Secretary of Norway Cup, Frode Kyvåg, and the artist and founder of the project, Lise Wulff.



Did you know that if all Norwegians recycled the empty t-light metal cups, it would equal 30.000 bickes a year? The Scream from Nature” is an evironmental art project that is included in the celebration of Edvard Munch’s 150th anniversary. The Norwegian artis Lise Wulff is the founder of the project, and she collaborates with Munch150, UNEP, Bellona, Pure CSR and PiStudios, as well as Serbian artist Branislav Nikolc. Wulff wishes to inspire to more recycling and a wiser consumption, through linking Edvard Munch’s world famous the Scream and one of our time’s anxiety drivers – the climate challenge.


“We wish to contribute to action for the environment”, says artist Lise Wulff 

- A contribution that may seem like a drop in the ocean for one person, as a big contribution for “The Scream from Nature”. A few years ago, it was common to throw glass, metal and electronics in the same trashcan. In Norway and in many other countries, this is unthinkable today. Still, the rate of recycling can improve, both in Norway and in other parts of the world.  ”The Scream from Nature” seeks to create an understanding for the importance of this, says Wulff.


“One of the largest environmental challenges we are facing is apathy, that people stop caring”, says Bellona CEO Nils Bøhmer


The project is a contemporary interpretation of Munch’s masterpiece the Scream. where the iconic anxitey-ridden face is recreated in large format. Several “Scream from Nature” arrangments are planned in different parts of the world, and the project has  already got international reputation through the fact that UNEP wish to take part.

- Next summer, during the world’s largest youth football tournament, Norway Cup, we will gather youth from the whole world in a large “Scream from Nature”, says Lise Wulff. Wulff hopes to reach out to people in all countries, and especially the younger generations.

- During our arrangements, we focus on making “The Scream from Nature” with either plastic, metall or electronic waste, and recycle it after on. The most imortant, still, is to inspire people all over the world, to express their screams, and share them through Instagram or our Facebook pages. In that way we hope to spread a message to politicians and dicision makers that people want action, for example that the recycling issues are put higher on the agenda in more countries that today, sier Wulff.

Why link the Scream with an environmental project? Munch wrote about his masterpiece that he “felt a huge unending scream course through nature”. Now we hear another “scream” from nature; extreme weather, melting glaciers, extinction of animal and plant species, droughts and floods. Lost resources shall find their way home.

Some snapshots of the preparation for the first “Scream from Nature”. Artist Lise Wulff is marking the area where the participants shall put the torches.









The Scream from Nature will be launched Saturday 1st of December, at Rådhusplassen in Oslo

- between the City Hall and the fjord of Oslo. People will join in to make the first “Scream from nature”. We are very happy to start out exactly by the fjord of Oslo, as this is the background motive in Edvard Munch’s famous Scream.

The scream formation will be made by torches, that are of course recycled after on.

The Mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang, will join in to light a torch. So will the leader of Munch150, Elsebet Kjerschow, the general manager of Bellona, Nils Bøhmer, and the secretary-general of Norway Cup, Frode Kyvåg. And of course, the artist Lise Wulff and her close collaborator from Pure CSR, Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg.

Want to join in too? Be there at 16.00!


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Norway’s Minister of Environment, Bård Vegar Solhjell, took part in making an e-waste-scream duringArendalsuka in the beginning of August. So did many others,

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Some 50.000 persons joined the popular Oslo-event “Elvelangs”, walking along the riverside, watching art, performance, dance and other events – like the electric Scream from Nature.

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All the pro-teams of the Vuelta, ASO, Norwegian artist Lise Wulff and the Grand Tours Project took part in the global eco art campaign The Scream from Nature on the last days of La Vuelta a España.

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